Your shared journey to inner peace

Awaken & Heal Together: Transform Trauma, Embrace Growth, and Connect Authentically.

Welcome to The Ami Effect Community

  • A Global Family Embracing "Ubuntu": Experience the power of interconnectedness and shared humanity, forming the foundation of our vibrant community.
  • A Safe Haven for Authenticity, Healing and Growth: Find your sanctuary where authenticity thrives, supported by a tribe that values your unique journey.

Join Our Global Tribe

  • Connect with empathic, spiritually inclined individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Celebrate differences, learn, grow, and embrace the Ubuntu philosophy of interconnectedness.

Harnessing Connection with Authenticity and Control

  • Enjoy genuine connections in a digital haven free from mainstream social media constraints.
  • Engage in meaningful interactions in a space where privacy and individuality are honoured.

Embracing the Essence of Ubuntu

  • Our community is a living embodiment of Ubuntu, fostering personal growth and collective strength.
  • Support and understand each other to thrive individually and together.

Your Journey of Awakening, Healing and Transformation

  • Participate in programs, workshops, and sessions designed for holistic well-being.
  • Rediscover yourself through guided meditations, somatic exercises, and personalized healing practices.

Programs & Resources

  • Comprehensive Programs: Deep dive into holistic healing and spiritual awakening with our tailored programs.
  • Workshops and Interviews: Gain insights from experts in fields like mindfulness, inner child work, and more.
  • Exclusive Content: Access a rich library of resources to nurture your mind-body-soul connection.

Live & Connection

  • Engaging Challenges & Live Q&As: Join monthly challenges and live sessions with Ami Elsius.
  • Connection, Support, and Guidance: Forge authentic friendships and receive support from your tribe.


  • Weekly Themed Activities: From 'Mindfulness Mondays' to 'Soulful Sundays', engage in practices and discussions to inspire continuous learning.

Transform Pain into Empowerment

  • Embark on a unique healing journey blending ancient wisdom with scientific approaches for a comprehensive healing experience.

Welcome to a shared awakening, healing, and transformation journey!  

We guarantee profound and lasting results in a fun, safe, loving environment.


Lots of Love / Ami