Your shared journey to inner peace

Awaken & Heal Together: Transform Trauma, Embrace Growth, and Connect Authentically.

Welcome to The Ami Effect Community

  • A Global Family Embracing "Ubuntu": Experience the power of interconnectedness and shared humanity, forming the foundation of our vibrant community.
  • A Safe Haven for Authenticity, Healing and Growth: Find your sanctuary where authenticity thrives, supported by a tribe that values your unique journey.

Join Our Global Tribe

  • Connect with empathic, spiritually inclined individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Celebrate differences, learn, grow, and embrace the Ubuntu philosophy of interconnectedness.

Harnessing Connection with Authenticity and Control

  • Enjoy genuine connections in a digital haven free from mainstream social media constraints.
  • Engage in meaningful interactions in a space where privacy and individuality are honoured.

Embracing the Essence of Ubuntu

  • Our community is a living embodiment of Ubuntu, fostering personal growth and collective strength.
  • Support and understand each other to thrive individually and together.

Your Journey of Awakening, Healing and Transformation

  • Participate in programs, workshops, and sessions designed for holistic well-being.
  • Rediscover yourself through guided meditations, somatic exercises, and personalized healing practices.

Programs & Resources

  • Comprehensive Programs: Deep dive into holistic healing and spiritual awakening with our tailored programs.
  • Workshops and Interviews: Gain insights from experts in fields like mindfulness, inner child work, and more.
  • Exclusive Content: Access a rich library of resources to nurture your mind-body-soul connection.

Live & Connection

  • Engaging Challenges & Live Q&As: Join monthly challenges and live sessions with Ami Elsius.
  • Connection, Support, and Guidance: Forge authentic friendships and receive support from your tribe.


  • Weekly Themed Activities: From 'Mindfulness Mondays' to 'Soulful Sundays', engage in practices and discussions to inspire continuous learning.

Transform Pain into Empowerment

  • Embark on a unique healing journey blending ancient wisdom with scientific approaches for a comprehensive healing experience.

Take Our Quiz

  • Discover if our community is the right fit for you and take a conscious step towards your best life chapter.

1. Core Values and Life Priorities:

Which of these values and priorities resonate most with your life philosophy?

A) Love, empathy, authenticity, and a focus on understanding and tolerance among all people.

B) Passion for human and animal rights and environmental issues, with a focus on peace, democracy, and fair resource distribution.

C) Personal freedom, creativity, curiosity, independence, and creative expression.

D) Social status, power, dominance over people and resources, and achieving a commanding position with admiration from others.

2. Approach to Personal Growth:

How do you view your journey toward awakening, healing and transformation?

A) Eager to learn and open to deep guidance.

B) Have some experience, ready for deeper understanding.

C) Willing to lead and share my journey with others.

D) Prefer quick fixes and immediate results.

3. Contribution to Community:

What kind of contribution do you see yourself making in our community?

A) Engaging actively and sharing insights.

B) Occasionally participating with empathy and generosity.

C) Contributing expertise and leading sessions.

D) I'm here mainly to observe, not to contribute.

4. Inclusivity and Diversity:

How do you approach diversity in cultures, races, and belief systems?

A) With openness, respect, and inclusivity.

B) Eager to learn and understand diverse perspectives.

C) Actively promoting and valuing diversity.

D) I prefer to stick to my own culture and beliefs

5. Commitment to Healing and Transformation:

Are you ready to commit to your healing journey?

A) Yes, I'm fully committed to transforming my life.

B) I am open to exploring and committing as I learn.

C) Ready to lead and inspire others in their transformation.

D) Looking for quick solutions with little personal effort.

6. Interests in Learning:

What areas are you interested in exploring within our community?

A) Emotional healing and mental well-being techniques.

B) Spiritual awakening and ancient wisdom.

C) Stress and anxiety relief, holistic health, and modern scientific insights.

D) Primarily interested in feisty political discussions and debates.

7. Community Interaction:

How do you commit to interacting within our community?

A) With respect for everyone's integrity and inclusive language.

B) Encouraging diverse perspectives and experiences.

C) Actively promoting a safe and supportive environment.

D) Prefer to promote my personal agenda and views.

8. Inclusivity and Diversity:

How do you approach diversity in cultures, races, and belief systems?

A) With openness, respect, and inclusivity.

B) Eager to learn and understand diverse perspectives.

C) Actively promoting and valuing diversity.

D) I prefer to stick to my own culture and beliefs

Scoring Interpretation:

 If your responses predominantly align with option "D", it appears that our community may not align well with your current needs and preferences. However, we appreciate your interest and encourage you to explore other avenues that may be more suitable for your journey.

For those whose answers are primarily a mix of "A", "B", and "C", it's a strong indication that you would find a harmonious and enriching fit within our community. Your perspectives and values seem well-aligned with ours, suggesting a mutually beneficial and fulfilling experience for both you and our existing members. 

Welcome to a shared awakening, healing, and transformation journey!  

We guarantee profound and lasting results in a fun, safe, loving environment.


Lots of Love / Ami